Increased safety measures for energy development on the OCS

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Department of Interior (DOI) 30 CFR PART 250 places new requirements on OCS drilling operations

As a leading independent third-party, Lloyd's Register has developed this page to inform interested parties of new developments in the Gulf of Mexico regulations, what they mean and how our Lloyd's Register Energy - Drilling inspection services can help satisfy your immediate requirements.* Additionally, we provide insight into possible future developments and solutions.

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Summary of implications of the Deepwater Horizon Accident:

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NTL 2010-05: Short-term requirements
DOI - Long-term recommendations
GOM commentary

What is a safety-case?

  • The evolving regulations for the GoM are moving toward a goal-based regulatory environment, driven by safety-cases with the onus on the operator, as used in other offshore regions of the world. While this is a developing recommendation of the DOI and won't be a requirement for six months, it takes six months to develop a safety case. Let us help you prepare with our Scandpower safety-case development services.

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