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Arivu™ software platform is ideal for asset intensive organizations within the energy sector who are seeking to strategically align their financial and operational objectives.

Industries served by Arivu™ include: Building and infrastructure and drilling.

With Arivu™ asset owners can simultaneously increase critical asset reliability and reduce overall inspection and lifecycle costs. Owners can demonstrate a systematic consideration of risk in their investment decisions.

Arivu™ goes beyond probability-based deterioration models that are common in asset management systems, and delivers combined analysis of the probability and consequences associated with asset service interruptions.  

Accessibility is available, via a standard Web browser, anywhere in the world. The Web-based version is full-featured with a rich user interface .

A sample of key Arivu™ feature abilities:

  • Identify your assets' risk profile
  • Assess the impact on your business of a critical asset failure
  • Identify strategies that could prevent failures
  • Optimize asset inspection intervals by balancing inspection costs with reliability improvements
  • Creation of detailed maintenance plans based on asset risk
  • Optimize asset performance using failure history data and condition monitoring
  • Run ‘what if’ scenarios with Arivu's powerful, built-in business intelligence tools
  • Optimize maintenance efficiency, delivering significant cost savings over the lifetime of an asset group
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