Structural reliability

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Lloyd's Register Energy structural analysis and design services.

Regulatory standards within all aspects of the energy sector have become more stringent and countries are paying more attention to construction issues and structural integrity. Prediction of structural integrity in response to extreme stress is vital to not only meet new standards but to also safeguard your operations and the health and wellbeing of your employees.

At Lloyd’s Register Energy business, we perform hundreds of analyses of complicated structural assemblies, all with the requirement to confirm accuracy and validate engineering assumptions. We have the capability to identify a structural problem, select and accurately perform the required analysis, and correctly interpret the results. Across diverse companies operating in the energy sector, we have assisted clients in solving structural analysis problems, allowing them to minimize costs, reduce risk and improve performance.

Structural reliability services include:

  • Structural response analysis: stress, displacement, vibration, dynamic, buckling
  • Nonlinear material and large displacement analysis
  • Material property evaluation and modeling
  • Fatigue, crack growth and damage tolerance analyses
  • Thermal analysis: temperature and structural response
  • Structural testing and analysis validation
  • Impact analysis: crash/collision simulation
  • Composite design and analysis
  • Design and evaluation of welded connections
  • Certification and airworthiness
  • Working stress and limit states design
  • Associated software packages: