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Lloyd's Register Energy technical consulting.

Your employees are doing all they can to ensure your energy processing installation, nuclear facility, or upstream, downstream or midstream operation is maintained and running in top shape. Lloyd's Register Energy' professional technical consulting services are practical and suitable for operations in the marine, onshore, or deep offshore environments. We support the continued management of your safe operations, evaluate assets for vulnerabilities and threats, and ensure safe operation for the duration of the asset's lifecycle.

Lloyd's Register Energy draws on a range of analytical methods and highly mathematical models as well as on our proprietary software tools to develop practical engineering and technical solutions for all situations. We regularly undertake research and the development of techniques to continually improve the delivery of our technical consulting services.

Lloyd's Register Energy technical consulting services include:

  • Assessment of best practices
  • Benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Energy optimization
  • Flow assurance
  • Noise and vibration analysis
  • Project quality management
  • Reliability management
  • Risk management
  • Structural reliability
  • Vulnerability and threat assessment