Design appraisal

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Through our independent design appraisals, Lloyd's Register Energy helps clients meet national and international standards for engineering compliance.

Design appraisals are an independent review of your facility against the requirements spelled out in a code, standard or other type of specification.

Lloyd's Register Energy carries out independent assessments of engineering design, safety-related documentation and associated equipment. We appraise specified energy-related products to ensure safety and compliance with appropriate national and international regulations, codes and standards.

Lloyd’s Register Energy business assists our clients designing their oil and gas or other energy industry related facilities by:

  • Establishing a schedule of drawings to be examined
  • Ensuring compliance with the required regulations
  • Satisfying the vendor's or client's requirements
  • Satisfying insurance requirements

Lloyd's Register Energy provides a number of valuable services to our clients:

  • National and international codes and standards compliance
  • Project and purchase order specifications
  • Regulatory consulting