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Lloyd's Register offers a broad range of independent third-party inspection services to the energy industry.

Diligent inspections yielding reliable results are integral to the safety and functionality of equipment, systems, and facilities throughout the entire energy industry. Detection of components that fail to meet required codes, standards and specifications is vital to the well-being of any energy facility, whether during construction or in-service inspections.

Inspections conducted by the Lloyd's Register Energy for energy-specific engineering projects involve checking a particular product, component or installation to ensure it meets code, standard or specification. We are a non-profit organization, therefore, we are free of any political, nationalistic or commercial bias. Our global network of inspectors provide superior objectivity and  responsiveness.

We carry out inspections at facilities around the world. Core inspection services pertinent to the energy industry include:

  • Inspection of boilers and pressure systems: we inspect materials, fabrications, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, containers and lifting appliances
  • Authorized Inspection Agent for ASME Inspections*
  • Inspection of welded assemblies, including EN15614 and ASME Section IX*
  • Risk-based inspection services
  • EC Directive inspections, including ATEX, Noise Emissions Directive, Pressure Equipment Directive, and the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive**

Lloyd's Register Energy inspection services include:

¤ASME provided as a an authorized inspection agency through LR Insurance, Inc.
¤¤EC Directive Inspections provided by LRQA

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