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GOM compliance assurance Lloyd's Register provides regulatory compliance solutions dedicated to fulfilling your needs in the areas of product safety, risk management, regulatory affairs and compliance. New regulations stemming from the Macondo well disaster place safety responsibility aboard offshore drilling rigs and platform installations in the Gulf of Mexico squarely on operators. It will no longer be enough just to meet a set of minimum standards. Operators are required to develop their own safety solutions.

Independent verification and validation

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Lloyd's Register Energy independent verification and validation services.

Independent verification of oil and gas assets answers the question of "Is this material or piece of equipment made to specification?"

Verification determines if the item in question meets criteria established at the start of a project. Lloyd's Register Energy ensures that an asset meets specific proscribed requirements. Independent verification provides confidence that your essential materials and operating equipment are designed and built to meet required standards, criteria and legislation; that they are built according to a structured development process; and have been tested at various designated check points to show they have achieved a specified quality level.

For offshore oil and gas installations operating in UK waters, Lloyd's Register Energy work with you to create an effective verification scheme to meet the requirements of Offshore Installation (Safety Case) Regulations 2005 (OSCR).

For onshore operators, Lloyd's Register Energy helps your company investigate and incorporate the principles of safety critical element (SCE) verification in the accident hazard control systems for your plant.

Our validation services are related to the climate change schemes introduced by the Kyoto protocol. Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd. (LRQA Ltd.) provides the necessary validation of project design and other required documentation for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or Joint Implementation (JI) projects .

Lloyd's Register Energy independent verification and validation services include:

  • Certified verification agent (CVA)
  • Independent monitoring, evaluation and verification
  • Independent project verification schemes
  • Independent verification of turbomachinery rotodynamics
  • Verification of offshore installations