Structural analysis

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Complete engineering support for structural analysis, design, inspection and evaluation of structural systems.

Sound and reliable structural analysis requires more than a good piece of software. The Lloyd's Register Energy structural engineering team relies on years of experience in implementing best practices. They possess a thorough understanding of the capabilities and limitations of different methodologies, and are able to correctly interpret results and guarantee accuracy.

Our structural analysis teams analyze hundreds of complicated structural assemblies to confirm accuracy and validate engineering assumptions. We identify structural problems, select and accurately perform the required analysis, and then provide a correct interpretation of the results.

Lloyd's Register Energy has assisted clients in solving structural analysis problems across a diverse set of industries, allowing them to minimize costs, reduce risk and improve performance.

Structural analysis services include:

  • Certification
  • Composite design and analysis
  • Design and evaluation of welded connections
  • Fatigue, crack growth and damage tolerance analysis
  • Impact analysis: crash/collision simulation
  • Material property evaluation and modeling
  • Nonlinear material and large displacement analysis
  • Structural response analysis: stress, displacement, vibration, dynamic, buckling
  • Structural testing and analysis validation
  • Thermal analysis: temperature and structural response
  • Working stress and limit states design