Pressure relief and effluent handling analysis

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Pressure relief and effluent handling systems analysis from Lloyd's Register Energy for new and existing upstream and downstream facilities.

The energy industry is faced with constantly changing operational challenges. Continuously evolving regulatory environments, ever increasing customer demand, and the reliability of supply all present significant challenges to today’s local and global energy leading companies. Formerly known and operated as Celerity3 Engineering, Inc., and with over 1,000 baseline studies as experience, our Pressure Relief Analysis (PRA) group draws upon a network of energy professionals in the Americas and around the world to provide class-leading pressure relief analysis services.

Pressure relief systems provide the last line of defense against equipment overpressure and potential loss of containment. The appropriate design of pressure relief systems requires a detailed knowledge of the process, the contingencies that could lead to system overpressure and the complex interaction of variables that occur during a contingency. In addition, the design basis of the pressure relief system is one of the cornerstones of an operating facility's Process Safety Information (PSI) as required by OSHA 1910.119 (PSM).

Lloyd’s Register PRA service provides protection assurance and focuses on ensuring adequate overpressure protection for pipe and equipment systems in oil and gas facilities, coupled with identification of all related pressure sources. As such, the overpressure protection for each element within a system is assured and documented.

Because of our system-based approach, we design the optimal pressure relief system information management strategy for your facility based on a variety of commercial and corporate tools and industry and corporate standards.

The pressure relief service is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of virtually any upstream or downstream facility. Our services can be applied to:

  • Audits of existing facilities
  • Design of new pressure relief systems
  • Independent design verifications for new projects
  • Resolution of existing pressure relief or effluent handling system inadequacies

Lloyd’s Register has engineering experts with extensive experience in pressure relief analysis in all types of operation facilities from oil and gas production to specialty chemical facilities. Our unique combination of process and mechanical design experience in the area of pressure relief systems ensures correct revalidation of sizing, selection, and installation.