Explosion analysis

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Lloyd's Register Energy provides consulting services and software developments in the areas of explosions, combustion, shock waves and related threat assessment.

Lloyd's Register Energy specializes in analyzing the interactions between explosions and structures, as well as the channeling of blast energy in semi - constrained environments found within the energy sector.

Assessing the type or extent of structural damage or the harm to people that could occur in these scenarios is essential in safety planning, structural design and in the handling of situations to minimize potential negative consequences. We specialize in these assessments for all upstream, downstream or midstream oil and gas installations, energy production facilities and chemical processing facilities.

Through analyses using Lloyd's Register Energy' custom fluid dynamics codes and industry standard finite element analysis packages, an estimate of the type and scope of damage can be determined in minimal time with very little overhead cost.

Lloyd's Register Energy can also offer significant post-event investigation and analysis to establish the root cause of damage. This is a critical aspect of preventing reoccurrence of similar events and therefore increasing the level of safety for personnel and the physical plant.

Explosion analysis services include:

  • Blast pressure loading
  • Blast shock wave analysis
  • Fire suppression simulation
  • Gas cloud detection analysis
  • Gas dispersion analysis
  • Personnel and plant vulnerability assessment
  • Underwater blast analysis