Lloyd's Register Energy has a thorough understanding of the challenges and risks of the subsea environment.

Lloyd's Register Energy services cover operations from development of deployment strategies and procedures, to technical and systems audits, health, safety and environmental risk assessment and procedures, management and supervision of operations.

Lloyd's Register Energy ensures critical elements of your production processes are working at optimum efficiency. Our asset management services span the life of your assets, from inception to decommissioning.

We operate as a completely independent entity. Our involvement is invested in providing a critical assessment of your asset status, unencumbered by economic, political or geographic influences.

The benefits of Lloyd's Register Energy's subsea services include:

  • Ability to safely extend the life of your subsea assets beyond the original design life
  • Confidence in the safety of your subsea assets
  • Documentary trail that demonstrates compliance with legislative requirements
  • Enhanced return on your investment
  • Improved ability to meet your business objectives
  • Improved reliability and income
  • Optimized inspection, mitigation and repair costs
  • Reduced system and equipment failures
  • Systematic and managed approach to subsea repairs and replacements

Subsea services include:

  • Life extension
  • Fitness for service
  • Operational integrity and reliability
  • Pipeline integrity management
  • Project quality management
  • Reliability-based mechanical integrity
  • Risk studies