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Material and equipment procurement services from Lloyd's Register Energy

The tiniest nut and bolt, the small weld in a pipe, the threads of a valve closure are all integral to your plant's operations - the integrity of your assets rests on the smallest of factors.

Meeting your own standards, as well as those set by regulatory bodies is essential to your material and equipment procurement activities. Before a single ordered part enters your yard, be assured it meets criteria by using the Lloyd's Register Energy certification and verification service.

We offer a variety of materials consulting services including:

  • Materials selection
  • Materials technology
  • Welding technology
  • Welding procedures
  • Engineering critical assessment (ECA)
  • Failure investigation
  • Specifying inspection methods
  • Defining inspection methodologies
  • Establishing inspection capabilities
  • Validation of inspection systems
  • Practical inspection application
With more than 240 offices worldwide and over 7,000 dedicated staff, Lloyd's Register is a leading provider of cost effective, high quality technical consulting and support services for new construction and manufacturing. Lloyd’s Register is experienced in providing verification and assurance that is independent, objective and uncompromising.

Our asset verification and assurance services include:

  • Inspection services in respect of pressure equipment, fabrications, materials, containers, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and lifting equipment
  • Welder and welding procedure qualification services to EN standards and ASME Code requirements or Lloyd’s Register rules
  • Global vendor inspection services during the procurement process and independent assessment of project risk and asset management including quality, safety, environmental and business performance issues

Lifecycle phases addressed:

  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Operation
  • Life extension
  • Re-use